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  • Alex Thraves

It took a whole year to wake up...

This time last year, Matt Linnen (singer/songwriter) and I were sitting in an actual bar, planning what would become the 'Wake Up' music video, which you'll be hearing and seeing soon.

As we built on Matt's concept for the video and began to anticipate an epic shoot, the obvious happened and we had no clue when we'd be able to get the cameras rolling.

This project was one of a handful that kept me creatively ticking over and excited to work again as every other shoot seemed to be cancelled or put back due to the pandemic. By the time we got around to shooting at the tail end of the summer I was beyond ready to direct again.

This was by far the most ellaborate and high concept music video I'd worked on and everybody involved were so passionate and dedicated to getting the best out of the day. Due to the logistics of keeping the team light during the pandemic I decided, as I've sometimes done in the past, to direct, shoot and edit given the somewhat spacious schedule.

The adrenaline of shooting about a dozen scenes in a single day and having the backing of such amazing and talented people was such an incredible feeling and I'm so proud of what we managed to capture.

I spent a few more days of filming extra scenes with Matt and a further 3 weeks of editing and visual effects later and we're now completely wrapped. I can't wait to share not only Matt's best work musically but our crazy film to go with it. The song is really an anthem of the times we're living through, despite being recorded before all of this madness began.

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