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Our most recent project for Wembley Park was their 'Now' campaign, shedding light on the steadily growing community of businesses in the district. We spent time with some of the business owners and heard their perspective of Wembley as a bustling, re-invigorated area and plans for the future.

For the campaign we visited legendary baker Matthew Jones' 'Bread Ahead' bakery and how it's grown from Borough Market, to a flagship in Wembley along with a Bakery School.

We also stopped at Black Sheep Coffee, EQL Fitness and Chop Chop Hair Salon.

Deliverables included a talking heads interview film and a supporting sizzle of their early morning routine, opening up shop next to the Wembley Park arches. 

Whilst the talking heads content would be used on Linkedin and on the websites relating to the campaign, something shorter with some energy was required for Instagram and Facebook channels.

We created these opening sizzle reels to tell the story of the opening up of each shop, eatery, business we filmed at. Using the same jaunty, throwback track as an audio bed and building layers of sound design around the quick cuts of bread baking, scissors being sorted and exercise bikes set up.

We thought it was a highly effective way of relaying the morning rush so many business owners experience at the crack of dawn. 

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