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A Few Q's


Award-winning filmmaker, Alex Thraves, founded the company straight out of college, backed up by a talented network of

industry professionals.


A boutique video-production service bringing people and businesses high-end marketing films without breaking the bank.


For over 10 years. A solid decade of experience across innumerable projects.


In South-East Essex near the seaside, within an hour of Central London.


Because we love filmmaking and helping people. Cinematic solutions, if you will.

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Alex Thraves Absorb Films

The Journey So Far
Alex Thraves | Creative Director

My goal with Absorb Films and my decade of filmmaking so far has always been to give people and their businesses access to high-end, creative and bespoke video content. My end goal has always been to progress to narrative screenwriting and directing.

But that's a side hustle for now.


I think it’s that striving that makes a big difference and adds a great value to businesses. No matter the budget or concept, myself and my crew members go above and beyond to create something that carries production value, story and artful, kinetic cinematography.


I decided to go freelance in 2012 and cut my teeth in events highlights, shooting and editing sizzle reels for some of the UK’s best nightlife and corporate events organisers.

I soon added music videos to my roster of services and began to work with independent producers, directing and shooting for an eclectic mix of upcoming artists.


During this time I shot everything from weddings, international car shows and a comedy sketch for charity starring Matt Lucas. There’s never a dull moment in this industry…


As social media integrated video for their business profiles I branched out into hero videos, giving local businesses a more engaging creative platform to showcase their services. Absorb Film’s first step from SMEs into the wider marketing world was supporting Decathlon UK for several years, shooting between the UK and France revamping their social media output with their in-house creatives.


This led to creating for other staple brands such as Coca Cola and Twining’s, working alongside creative agencies to deliver successful multi-media campaigns. Today, ABSORB Films partners with a handful of agencies, supporting them with video production for some of the UK’s most well known businesses.


Over a decade of collaboration has meant I’ve built a network of creatives specialising in camera operating, sound design, lighting, motion graphics that support the larger scaled projects at Absorb Films. This made directing 32 music videos in 2 days at

Abbey Road, a hell of a lot easier.


This approach keeps the process simple and cost effective for our clients as well as ensuring creative consistency across projects. That way if your video needs a solo director-shooter-editor or a crew to get the job done, we have you covered.


So that’s an abridged overview of how Absorb Films came to be,

follow us on the socials to see what we’re getting up to right now. 

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